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How can I bring MTA to my school?

MTA is always looking to expand into new territory. To bring MTA to your school, contact Marcy or Josh. In addition, please fill out this form to inquire about bringing MTA to your school.

What do we need from MTA?

MTA will provide you with everything to bring tennis to your school. This includes a detailed program proposal and customized tennis registration form. In addition, we can provide all instructor background checks via or a copy of MTA’s certificate of liability insurance. Any other form of documentation will be provided at the school’s request.

We don't have tennis courts. Can we still have MTA at my school?

No tennis courts? No problem! Using portable tennis nets, ten and under tennis balls, throw-down lines, cones, and other fun tennis training tools, we convert a gym, black top, or a grassy area into a tennis court in no time. We ask that each player bring their junior tennis racket to each class. HEAD/Penn proudly sponsors MTA, and we offer HEAD junior tennis rackets for sale here.

Do you offer before and after school programs?

We deliver tennis enrichment before the first bell rings or right after the last bell! We can start as early as 7:00 a.m. for tennis before the start of the school day.

After-school is also a very popular option. If class is over at 3:00 p.m., we are hitting tennis balls at 3:05 pm! We are happy to design a tennis program that fits your school’s schedule.

What is your minimum and maximum class size?

We offer our program to a minimum of four players. Depending on how many courts are available or the size of the gym, we can teach over 20 students at once. Student to instructor ratio is always kept to 8:1.

Parents/ Students
What is included when I sign up for MTA?

Your child will have an amazing time before or after-school learning how to play the lifetime sport of tennis! Students will learn the forehand, backhand, volley, overhead smash, serve, scoring, match play, and sportsmanship. In addition, students will be rewarded with sportsmanship stickers for exceptional character during class.

Each new player will receive an MTA t-shirt on the first day of class and a tennis progress report on the last day to reinforce what they learned. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a brand new HEAD junior tennis racket or can purchase one here.

Do I need to bring my own racket?
MTA requires each child to bring their own tennis racket to class. MTA sells HEAD junior rackets that can be purchased before the start of the session. All rackets that are purchased through MTA will have a name tag with the student’s first name.
How do I get to class?
For a before-school tennis program, the student will be brought to the school and will walk to the gym or tennis court to meet your coach. The bell will ring at the end of tennis and the children will walk to their first classroom. For an after-school program, you will meet your coach in the gym or tennis court after class if over. Some schools have parent volunteers who escort the students to the site and stick around for the class in case a player needs a bathroom or water break. It’s great to have an extra pair of eyes! After tennis, a parent will pick up their player(s) if it is an after-school program. If a player participates in an after-school program that is over at 6:00 pm, they will go back to their designated area for a snack or homework help.
How do I sign up?
If a school has an enrichment program brochure with a registration form, you sign up that way. Some schools have on-line signups and signing up is that easy.  If the school is only offering tennis and MTA provides the registration form, sign up is with the form, and all registrations are picked up by MTA and rosters made before the start of the program.
How can I become a MTA instructor?
Do you love tennis and want to teach the youngest of players in a gym or on a tennis court? Do you want to share your passion of the sport to new players as well as players who are looking to improve their skills?

If so, please fill out this form or email Marcy at or Josh at with your resume and we will be sure to contact you!

How do I get to my class?
All instructors must have reliable transportation or be able to navagative public transportation to and from class.  All equipment will be provided to you at the beginning of the program and must be brought with you to class. We recommend that all equipment is kept in your home or at the school between classes (not in your car) and that all equipment is properly labled “MTA” to identify them.
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
If you own a portable tennis net, 10 and under tennis balls, cones, or throw down lines, please use them for class.  If you do not, MTA will supply you with the tennis equipment to use for your classes.  The equipment is owned by MTA.
How am I paid?
Instructors are paid by the hour and checks are issued and mailed at the end of each month. Pay rate is based on experience. If you earn $600 or over a year, you will receive a 1099 tax form. Some instructors volunteer and receive community service hours for teaching tennis for MTA. This is a great way to fulfill graduation requirements or National Honor Society recognition!

Do you have any additional questions? Contact us!

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